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Photos of Norman Mailer From the Flair Symposium


Norman Mailer visited the Ransom Center for the 2006 Flair Symposium, The Sense of Our Time: Norman Mailer and America in Conflict, which culminated with a public panel, “A Conversation with Norman Mailer.” The panel, moderated by Steven Isenberg, featured Norman Mailer, Gay Talese, and Lawrence Schiller. Below are some photos from the panel and other events at the Flair Symposium.

You can also click here to hear audio from interviews with Norman Mailer and his family.


Norman Mailer reading from Norman Mailer reads from his forthcoming novel, The Castle in the Forest.


Norman Mailer at FlairNorman Mailer at the Flair Symposium.


Norman Mailer and his son John Buffalo Mailer

Norman Mailer and his son John Buffalo Mailer read from Why Are We At War?


Panel for Steven Isenberg, right, moderates the panel "A Conversation with Norman Mailer" with Lawrence Schiller, Norman Mailer, and Gay Talese.


Norman Mailer, his sister, and his sonNorman Mailer with his sister, Barbara Mailer Wasserman, and son, John Buffalo Mailer, at the Flair symposium.


Norman Mailer with studentsNorman Mailer speaks to a a reading group from the University's Plan II and Liberal Arts Honors programs that is studying his works this semester.